Deacon Cassidy

Cleric of Ronan Swiftfoot


Cleric of a god of travelers. Lithe and wiry build, dark skin, dreadlocks. Wears drab brown and white robes over brigandine armor, sometimes accessorized with a green sash taken from a high-ranking Hatchetmen officer (they’re a criminal syndicate). Fights with enchanted flail and shield, or staff.


Member in good standing of the Order Of Parcel Service. Protects and serves travelers of all sorts, including adventurers, merchants, messengers, smugglers, pilgrims, wanderers, and even spirits traveling to the realm of the dead (psychopomp duties). Raven spirit familiar: Edgar. Founder and pastor of a megachurch in the city of Burke. Member of the Company of the 5 Dragons (formerly the 4 Dragons, previously the 3 Dragons, previously the Basilisk Mercenary Company).

Deacon Cassidy

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