Kingdom of Aeristine

Into Ignax's Fortress

Cleric's Log

Cleric’s Log, Astrological Date 11-18.12

Let me know if I left out an important details

I feel as thought I’ve recently woken up from a trance. My comrades tell me that Phlan was assaulted by a metallic dragon, and we only escaped by disguising ourselves among the hordes of undead. We fled to a new town where we were celebrated as Phlan’s heroes, and lived high off the hog for a year, blowing our substantial hoard of gold on all manner of decadent debauchery. I have no memory of these events, and yet now we are told that we have a substantial unpaid tax bill. Apparently the town’s ruler has commissioned us defeat a powerful sorcerer named Ignax, in order to pay our dues. We were inexplicably teleported to Ignax’s fortress, where we slew a hydra, and that is when I awoke from my trance.

Tossing some coins into the alms-bowl of a skeletal beggar, we made our way through the dungeon of colored tiles.

We came to a locked door which seemed to be making a sound not unlike the beat of a heart. It also began to bleed when we pried at it with a dagger, so we sliced at it a bit more until a bit of intestine spilled out. This seemed unusual for a door, but quick-thinking Mabus followed the old common sense adage: when life hands you intestines, you grab ahold of them and run the other way! As the intestines slithered out of the door, the heartbeat slowed down and stopped. We gradually realized that some kind of magical illusion must be at play. Indeed, upon closer inspection the “door” was actually a sorceress who had been magically imprisoned. Tragically, she was now dead. But that didn’t mean she was useless! I called upon the favor of Ronan Swiftfoot to communicate with her recently departed spirit, and inquired as to her circumstances and the nature of this dungeon. For some reason, she was unhappy with us, and in any event did not know why Ignax had imprisoned her there. She explained that we already knew how to proceed through the dungeon: by hacking and slashing.

Little did we know just how true her words rang. In the next room lurked a band of bloodthirsty ogres, but they were no match for the invulnerable Stefan, nor for the fancy bladework of Kalli, who made short work of them. I couldn’t even get through the door before the monsters were handily dispatched!

Continuing down the next hallway, Kalli and Stephan abruptly vanished through the floor. We heard a splash, as they landed in what we were to find out was a deep pit filled with brackish water. Blake leapt into action, grabbing a rope and diving in after them, to save them before they were drowned by their heavy armour and equipment. We all worked together to haul the soaked and bedraggled warriors back into the comparatively dry corridor, then immediately set forth once again, careful to avoid the false blue floor tile.

Finally we came to a large and ornate chamber, surrounded with fine tapestries depicting terrible scenes of battle and slaughter. No sooner had we glanced as these works of art, then we were beset upon by a squadron of burly warriors! I called upon the Fartraveler to hold them fast, but alas they were not even human and therefore resisted the spell. As the fighting elements of our party formed up for battle, a towering figure in a wicked horned helmet appeared, and seemed to be in command of the spectral warriors. I shaped my spiritual will into a field of force and began hammering at the spectral warriors, keeping them distracted as Kalli, Stefan, and the rest engaged them in hand-to-hand combat. Fortuitously, a small herd of kobolds also appeared, and likewise began harrying the spectral warriors, giving our fighters the chance to fell the dark beings. Finally, we all turned our attention to their horned commander, and vanquished him despite taking many grievous wounds.

As Hrolf and I tended to the wounded, the more materialistic members of our troupe looted a chest in the room, and discovered valuable diamonds and gold, including a gigantic spherical diamond hidden in a secret compartment under the floor. Then, just as we thought we were safe for the time being, several large spiders began descending from a hole near the ceiling! Blake incinerated them with magical fire, and Hrolf sealed up the hole with his dwarven stone-magic. After that we all needed a break, so I asked Ronan to create a comfortable campsite for us in the next the large chamber, and we settled in for some rest and recuperation…



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