Sir Chiroptera

A Local Legendary Adventurer best known for his victory over the Goblin King, Grishog and his Goblin Army.


Sir Chiroptera


Sir Chiroptera and the Goblin King

Well gather round ye lads and lasses,
And listen to me tale,
About the knight who kicked some asses,
And how he did prevail!

He tracked the goblins thru the wood,
With five and twenty men;
Sir Chiroptera, bravely stood,
At the river gorge and then –

He taunted all the goblyns there,
a-hiding in their cave,
They came a chargin out the side,
Their door they had betrayed!

His trusty squire called Robyn,
Led the goblyns on a chase,
A weaving and a bob’in,
To the river gorge he raced!

An as he reached the other the side,
Sir Chiroptera hollered ‘Fire!’
And five and twenty arrows flied,
A raining down from higher.

The arrows laid a heavy toll,
A score of Goblyns died,
Then onward to their noble goal,
To where their king must hide!

The cavern held the stench of death,
But bravely did they stride,
The wardogs taking up the point,
To flush out those inside.

Two brutish ogres lumbered out,
Into the chamber wide,
The dogs let loose, did make them rout,
Where many of them died.

Then child’s play is was for them
To slay the weakened beasts,
They only lost a couple men,
The rest were heal’d by priests.

Then onward past their Temple Vile,
Where bodies filled the halls,
A following the drumming while
Sir Robyn searched the walls.

He found the a Chamber door unto
The King’s Throne room inside.
In to the room a bead he threw,
And all the goblyns died!

But drumming echoed from the halls,
And EIGHTY MORE appeared,
Encroaching in from all the walls,
The worst, did Robyn fear!

Sir Chiroptera called the charge!
The men all rushing in,
A hackin’ and a slashin’
But their ranks were wearing thin,

Three score of the goblyns died,
But so did most the men,
No where to run, no where to hide,
The tide had turned again!

Sir Robyn, his last pebble, threw,
And blew them all to hell,
Except for Big King Grishog, who
Let out a fearsome yell.

A Goblyn, but three times the size,
A Bastard sword in hand,
He called Sir Chiroptera Out,
To make his final stand!

The Goblin King let out a roar,
And charged the Noble Knight
But he tripped and splayed out on the floor,
And the Knight ended the fight.

Sir Chiroptera and his squire,
Then looted all the dead,
And boldly strode back into town,
With Grishog’s mighty head!

So we sing of his great Valor,
On this and every night!
May his fortunes always proper
In his Glory and his Might!

~ As Sung by Mikos the Quanderer

Sir Chiroptera

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