Mr. Timpleton

The Chairman of the Beggars' Union. Also known as 'The Prince of the Paupers'


A profusely rotund gentleman, the Chairman has a extra-heightened sense of self-worth. He dresses in garb befitting a noble in hard times – an all black ensemble, complete with white gloves and a white silk pocket square. He is never seen without his black wooden cane – a dandy device with a carved glass knob for a handle. He proudly displays his badge of High Citizen, though many wonder if this is legitimate, or a skilled forgery.



The pinnacle of the Beggar’s Pyramid, the Prince of Paupers, or ‘The Chairman’ as he is known, controls the Beggars’ Union with an firm but fair hand and takes a quarter of the contributions of his underlings. This allows him the lifestyle he feels he was entitled to, as he was born the bastard son of a local noble. The noble life denied to him, he seeks to regain this station at all costs. He has become a consummate politician, and seems to have developed many useful relationships within the upper castes, and continually ratchets this leverage to elevate his standings in society.

He prides himself and underlings on the fact they make an honest living and does actively lobby for the rights of the lower castes. Beggars caught in the act of theft are cast out of the union without warning, or worse, if its from a union member.

Under the Chairman direction, the Union also runs several flop houses and soup kitchens from which they can recruit new members and gather local rumors and goings-on.

Mr. Timpleton

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