Ignatius G. Kreb

Representative of the Beggars' Union


A tall, thin man – typically dressed in a worn and patched sportscoat, open finger gloves, and a dented top hat, Mr. Kreb looks everybit the consumate beggar.


Mr. Kreb is the official representative of the Beggars’ union and is quite proud the fact. He is usually the Union’s first contact with any potential donors and regularly attends the town council meetings (in the gallery) to keep tabs on goings-on and interject on the Union’s behalf.

He’s also usually the one to recruit new members in the Union and has been known to frequently compete with the city’s assorted Thieves’ Guilds for potential recruits – sometimes going as far as stealing away their newest members. For this reason, he is considered a thorn and a nuisance – though not enough so, as of yet, to garner the attentions of the Brotherhood.

He reports directly to the Chairman of the Union, Mr. Content Not Found: mr-timpleton

Ignatius G. Kreb

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