Kingdom of Aeristine

Purple Worm Ale

Purple ichor makes good liquor

Cleric’s log, astrological date 1.12.14

So we had laid waste to the warehouse of the Hatchetmen, descending on them like vengeful angels of the apocalypse, dealing fire and death at every turn. At some point, I lost consciousness. Two days later, I awoke back at our new island stronghold. I felt recovered.

Later that day, a runner came knocking at the door. Our surly dwarven security guard answered, and bade us assemble to give us a message that had been brought from Hef, our minotaur foreman of our brewery just outside of town. It seems there was a problem: a giant hole had appeared in the floor there, and had spooked the workers.

We gathered up a team of dwarven workers and headed out to investigate. Once there we indeed clearly saw a large ragged hole in the wall, over a deep pit about ten feet in diameter, stretching down into the dark earth farther than we can see. A vat is missing where the hole is. Hef the minotaur is there, looking confused and a little shaken. We all search around for clues as to what happened, but there is just broken equipment and a traces of slime.

Kalli decides we had best explore the hole, so she uses brewery equipment to rig up a pully system to facilitate rappelling down. She and Blake begin descending, as the rest of us crowd around the opening, peering down. They get down about 150 feel deep when they call up, reporting that the tunnel continues but at a 45 degree angle now rather than straight down. There is more slimy goo down there too.

But then the ground and building started just slightly rumbling. The trembling slowly increased in intensity however, and before long the building was violently shaking, equipment was falling from the rafters, and dirt was sprinking down the hole on Kalli and Blake. We began to panic and called down for them to climb back up, fast! Hef began yanking up the rope, hoping to haul them to safety. But before he could, the ground 20 feet west of us erupted in an explosion of dirt and wood splinters, directly underneath another vat. A hideous purple mass smashed its way up through the floor and opened a gaping maw under the vat, sliding up and engulfing it! The monstrous giant purple worm continued to rise into the air, scraping open another hole in the wall and crashing through the ceiling as well. More debris rained down upon us all. Hrolf muttered, “I haven’t seen a scene like this since that brothel back in Calimport.”

Those of us on the ground all seemed to attack in unison, hacking and flailing at the seemingly alcoholic monstrosity. Hrolf hurled his ice axe and it embedded itself in the lip around the thing’s circullar maw. It began to pulse waves of frost, icing over half of the thing’s mouth.

Meanwhile down in the pit, Blake could be heard singing something about flying like an eagle, and indeed it would turn out that he had grabbed Kalli about the waist and literally begain flying up out of the pit! Hef fell back as the rope went slack, but quickly regained his composure and charged up behind Stefan, who cleaved a slice of flesh the size of a roast ham off the side of the thing. Did it even notice? I don’t know but it reeled to one side, cracking open another vat and crashing into the hoist 20 feet above the pit, sending it splintering and tumbling down past Blake and Kalli. The worm then dove down upon Hef, nearly engulfing him whole and lifting him skyward, the better to swallow.

Stefan and Hrolf continued to assail the thing’s side, yet for some reason I couldn’t bring myself near enough to strike a blow myself. But we could now see the outlines of Hef’s form inside the thing, upside down and struggling as the flesh around him constricted and undulated. His horns punctured through to the outside, but he kept moving down inexorably.

The worm then reared back and seemed to eye Stefan, the creature causing it the most pain probably. It smashed it’s maw down over him, yet he ferociously batted it with his shield, deflecting it enough to keep from being engulfed.

Then Blake and Kalli finally came hovering up over the lip of the pit. As Raynard launched an arrow into the thing’s eye, they hovered a few feet higher into the air, and then the bard tossed the snarling warrioress down upon the worm’s head! Kalli’s Death From Above tactic is fruitful – her whirling scimitars cut ribbons of flesh from it’s head.



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