Kingdom of Aeristine

Looking into Phlan's wreckage

Hrolf's Log,

After some last-minute shopping and re-supply, the Party met with the commanders of the expeditionary force being sent to Phlan to discuss plans, and our groups’ role in the coming conflict. We were initially told to scout ahead of the army, but Kalli reminded them that they had scouts for that who knew what to be looking for – and who wouldn’t be slowed down by a 4’ something Dwarf… And we weren’t hired for that anyways. We were hired to kill a dragon (our specialty), and cause as much mayhem and destruction of enemy supplies and forces as we could, ahead of the E.F.’s attack.

We decided to take a boat to somewhere north of Phlan, and make our way into town, a 2-day or so trip. Near sunset of our first day out, a crewman shouted a report of a sea beast heading our way. Kalli readied her bow, while the rest of us with ranged capabilities readied our spells and weapons. As it approached, it was revealed as an Athanc, a great sea serpent known to create whirlpools to suck down ships into the depths and devour their drowned crew at its leisure. One shot from Kalli slew the mighty beast, as she was using the Arrow of Sea Monster Slaying found in Ignax’s dungeon (that I thought we’d never use!).

The following day, after many Athanc steaks and ales, another report of approaching monsters: manticores with goblin riders! We armoured up, as we were approaching shore, and prepared for battle – including a rarely used Call Lightning spell from myself, and flight spells/abilities from Kalli and Blake. With a cry of “For Tyranthraxus!” the goblin riders directed the manticores to attack! With our usual level of bloodshed, and some well-placed Magic Missiles from Blake and a nasty Flamestrike from Deacon, as well as a few Thunderbolts from your truly, we made short work of the manticores and their riders, leaving no survivors to tell of our coming.

After nightfall, we approached Phlan, using a Silenced longboat to cross to the old haunted keep on the island, we set up camp. We later went to the roofs to look at Phlan, and see where we should start our search for the dragon, and found much of the city to have been razed to the ground…



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