Kingdom of Aeristine

Into the Spiders' Lair

Venom: It's What's for Dinner

Cleric’s Log, Astrological Date 10-27.13

We have a name now! We are officially known as the Basilisk Mercenary Company. Since my last log entry, we came back to the Walled City of Burke and, having again paid our taxes, returned to our residence in the riverfront district. (It was formerly the trickster halfling’s residence, we converted it to include a pawn shop on the lower level.) It had been all smashed up! We also learned that our winery just outside of town had likewise been ransacked. Evidently a local criminal syndicate felt that we owed them “protection” money that we had not paid, and so they sent a goon squad known as Tough Nut Protection Services to work us over. We began fixing our places back up, and plotting how to respond to this criminal aggression. We also managed to get in good with the local Beggars’ Guild, making friends with the Prince of Paupers and arranging to construct a soup kitchen based out of our pawn shop.

Let’s see, what else? One day Mabus wandered off somewhere, as Raynard and I played cards with Gareth and Yadrick and the rest of our comrades went out on patrol. Mabus never came back, but upon their return, the rest of them related a harrowing tale of encountering a Greater Mimic in the form of a house in the slum district. They defeated the monster, and on their way home a wizard stole Stefan’s Ioun stone and instead left him with a sentient, sassy Longsword of Wonder named Francis! Amazing, I know, but Stefan seemed less than enthused.

After Kalli had a chance to soak in a hot bath and clean up, we headed out to the Travelers’ Union Hall. We noticed an eavesdropper listening in on our discussion of possible responses to the Tough Nuts, but he fled before we could apprehend him. At the union hall, we re-upped our membership (I personally sprung for a Platinum Membership). We also took an adventuring contract to track down a sorcerer who had disappeared a couple of weeks ago, chasing a thief who had taken his magical rod down into the sewers.

A quick trip home to change into our grubby traveling clothes and grab some torches, and down into the sewers we went! Ronan in His infinite grace blessed us with an Anti-Vermin Barrier, and a Zone of Sweet Air to keep us comfortable. It was like a walk in a lovely park down there thanks to Him, with only a glimpse here and there of the roiling skirmish of insects and rats desperately trying to keep outside the borders of the spell. We traversed a bridge and delved down a few corridors, until we came to an iron-shod door. Raynard began to investigate as we started to hear clacking coming from behind us. Raynard managed to open the door (which lead to a maintenance closet) just as a swarm of dog-sized spiders rushed in around Hrolf in the rear, others descending down on him from above! Kalli and I dashed back, thrashing in horror at the spindly beasts on Hrolf, who valiantly kept his cool and smashed at the assailants. Then out of nowhere, gigantic Phase Spiders warped into existence in the room and corridor! One sunk it’s vicious fangs into Blake’s back; he screamed and dropped to the floor, convulsing and frothing at the mouth. As the Phase Spider blinked away again, I rushed to The Decanter’s side and called upon Ronan’s holy might to drive the vile spider venom from his body, and restore him to health and vigor! Praise Him, he saw fit to preserve the bard’s life and Blake rose once again, firing magic missiles with a fury into the swarm. Now Kalli and Stefan surged into battle with the remaining Phase Spiders, hacking and slashing madly. Kalli screamed something about herself being a demon that they should tell their spider-babies about. No sooner had I returned to the embattled Hrolf’s side than another Phase Spider warped in behind me and bit right through my armor, it’s terrible venom shooting into my veins. I too dropped and convulsed, losing track of the battle until Blake returned the favor and dumped a potion of Neutralize Poison down my throat (Hrolf must have given it to him, I therefore deduced that he must not have been overcome by the spiders yet!) I staggered to my feet and saw Raynard down too, drooling and spasming. I asked Ronan once more for His help, and He saw fit to save The Black Fox too from the venom. By now the warriors had routed the spider swarms and we paused to catch our breath. We would need some serious detox at a spa after this job.

A few moments later, Blake set off to explore a nearby cistern. He Spider-Climbed up to discover three cadavers suspended in webbing. They weren’t the sorcerer we were looking for and had no magical rods, but interestingly they did all have the same top-knot haircuts, reminding us of a certain local guild. After that we decided to head back up to the surface and return home to rest and heal before coming back to continue the search.



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