Kingdom of Aeristine

Ignax's Dungeon Continued...

Mage’s Log, Astrological Date 12-30.12

Being that our usual chronologer, Deacon Cassidy was in deep prayer during the last day of our encounter, I, Mabus, Mage of Phlan, have taken on the task. Though he did not share his thoughts, it is believed that the Deacon had sensed a great evil and was in commune with his God, Ronan Swiftfoot, praying for our safety. And it was no idle premonition, for we did face a great evil and prevail, but more on that later…

My tale starts in solitude as I chose to stay behind in the relative safety of the spa room that replenished our health and spirits. My companions went on while I remained behind, bathing naked in the magical pool for at least a full day, one cannot tell in the darkness of a dungeon. I wracked my brain, going over and over all my past trainings and trying to figure out my failings in not being able to master the spell Fireball. After many hours it clicked and I suddenly removed the mental block that had prevented me from creating a fiery ball of death to consume my enemies. Along with that, I scribed the spell Slow into my spellbook, easily transcribed from a scroll we found earlier.

Content with my accomplishment, I chose to seek out my companions once again. I followed the most logical trail and came to a large room with a seemingly dissected crab. Climbing up a platform, I felt sure I was on the trail of my companions when, to my surprise, the floor gave out and I fell rather gracefully upon four rather large spikes. Fortune did shine on me afterwards as I lay there bleeding, my companions heard my manly moans of woe. The good dwarven cleric Hrolf was there to cast divine healing upon me, making me as good as new.

Reunited, we traveled on and found ourselves in a luminescent classroom of sorts. Noticing an apple on the teacher’s desk, I quickly pocketed it. The stools all began to light up and for some reason, we were compelled to sit upon them. At that point the ugly insane wizard Ignax appeared taunting us one again. His companion, the traitor (Name escapes me) began bickering back and forth in some homoerotic mating ritual, I could barely follow his incoherent babbling, but I managed to taunt him about his missing apple. There was some nonsense about coins floating above our heads that was part of his schizophrenic game we were trapped in, but I wasn’t planning on dying anytime soon. Suspecting they were only illusions, I held using my newly learned Fireball spell. The old tricky bastard did manage to pull an unexpected switch by making the Bard Blake disappear and replace him with a young Elementalist named Soul Wind, who oddly enough was the nephew of the mad wizard. Soul Wind proved to be very helpful despite his relationship with our tormentor.

After the departure of the illusions and my failed negotiations with them, we traveled down a hallway to find a door. Upon entering, a forcefieldprevented us from going past 10 feet within the room. I summoned my Golden Lions as I felt an evil within the room. Past the forcefield was a red globe suspended from a chain and below it a rather large gem. Surrounding the gem were four rather large metal griffons.

Upon closing the door behind us, the forcefield dissipated and the red globe became extremely hot. The exit to the room also disappeared. We all began to sweat profusely and I admit, I felt a bit weak. The young elementalist began to examine the griffons but was overcome by the heat right when he had an idea as to how to exit the room. At this point, the ranger, Derringer Fletchborn felt it important to fire an arrow into the heated globe. Stefan tried his hand at bashing the griffons to no avail. Kalli grabbed the valuable gem and tossed it to me, but this caused the griffons to come alive. Feeling that the fighter types had the griffons under control, I let fly three magic missiles into the heated globe, causing it to explode and lose its heat. What a relief. The fighters made quick work of the griffons with the help of my Golden Lions. Soul Wind showed us the exit and we departed.

We found a rather unexciting workroom down the hallway that proved to be a dead end. At the end of the next passageway we found a small library that appeared to be stocked by a druid or ranger, having books on plants, animals and other woodsy things. Of interest was a scroll tube that Raynard discovered, coated in a contact poison. After cleansing it and opening it, it was ironically a scroll of neutralize poison. Not satisfied we had fully unearthed all the secrets of the library, I searched the place and found a bookshelf that concealed a hidden entrance. Stefan ripped it open and we found a hidden room that appeared to be an evil druid’s prized collection of books. One of particular interest was clad in bone and had an interesting bone clasp. I grabbed it for later using, believing it was the spellbook of an evil druid.

A short walk down the next passageway brought us into the evil temple. Pews lined each side of a large room and at the far end, a nearly naked woman laid upon an alter, apparently asleep and adorned with a beautiful necklace and yet another extremely valuable gem. Judging by the evil tree tapestry and wooden panels adorned with evil faces, I could only surmise that the owner of the book I had, was also the owner of the temple. “Show yourself and surrender now or I destroy the book,” I yelled, but nothing happened.

Attempting to satisfy his primal sexual urges, Derringer Fletchborn, ran up to the sleeping woman and immediately kissed her. She awoke terrified and for good reason. Instantly, ten or so robed assassins appeared with curved daggers, intent on murdering her. The warriors took up defensive positions to guard her. “I warned you,” I bellowed and threw the evil book on the ground. Flames came out of my fingertips as I consumed the book in fire. A giddy rush overcame me as I burned the cover and pages. My laughter quickly subsided when the dark druid materialized from a hidden nook, not 10 feet from me.

Acting quickly Soul Wind blasted him with two flame arrows. The dark druid took the shots and quickly retaliated with a swarm of stinging insects that made my Golden Lions recoil. I backed up and waited for an opportune time to strike back, but that time never came. The fighters quickly dispatched the assassins with the help of Raynard. As I waited for an opening on the evil druid, fear overcame me as he summoned an Earth Elemental that began to bash his earthy fists on Steffan’s face. I cast Web in attempts to immobilize the druid, but his next move was to blast the wooden panels towards us, destroying my web, but not harming any of the party. A tactical retreat was called by Kalli as they found an exit behind the evil tree tapestry. My lions and I climbed the wooden panels with the power of fear behind us and ran for the exit. Soul Wind transformed into a gaseous state and made his escape as well.

Fortunately, neither the druid nor Earth Elemental followed us and a few turns of the passageway later and we found a door labeled “Treasure here”. Entering a circular room, we saw a lever. The thief examined it for traps, but found none. Not confident in the thief’s assessment, Soul Wind cast Detect traps which caused the entire ceiling to glow as well and large masses behind the walls. We examined the room and determined that either the ceiling would collapse or the room would rotate, trapping us inside once we pull the lever. Hrolf used his clerical spells to mold the stone of the wall to the ceiling to prevent the collapse of the ceiling, while they fashioned a pulley loop for pulling the lever using the same spell as an added precaution.

Pulling the lever, opened four panels, one with coins, one with gems, one with jewelry and one with a scroll tube. All glowed as if trapped except the scroll tube. Opening the tube revealed a Read Magic spell and a Stop Time spell. Knowing that the loot was trapped and would most likely cause the death of the adventurers, it was decided to cast Time Stop and then grab the loot and get out before the ceiling collapsed. Success! The party was able to grab a fortune and escape unharmed. Thus ended a most productive day.



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