Kingdom of Aeristine

Go Ahead, Axe Me a Question

Enter the Hatchet Clan

The log of Hrolf, Cleric of Moradin – Entry 221:

After our return from the sewers of Burke, we went through the house to do our own things. While cleaning my weapons of hook horror goo, I was surprised by a dwarf bashing in our door with his greathammer! He first exclaimed something about “I know he’s in here!”, looked around, and as he began to apologize and turn to leave, I cast Hold Person on him, and after calling in the others, began questioning him. His name was Duggan Thicklimb, a bounty hunter by trade, and he was after a minotaur arena fighter named Huk, or Hurk, or something…

After some negotiation, we hired Duggan to help guard the house, and Iggy stopped by to tell us some information he uncovered, and was dragged inside by Blake, who seemed to know of the throwing axe heading for Iggy’s back almost before it was thrown from the rooftop across the street. After healing the grievous wound to his back, Iggy told us of the group that trashed our place while we were out of town, the Hatchet Clan – a group of thugs and smugglers that work the docks, and bring in illegal Dwarven Ale.

After a short rest, and Kalli getting ready, we “borrowed” a rowboat and traveled to the docks where the Hatchetmen worked, so as to “return” their assassin’s axe. As we went upriver to the docks, I cast Silence on the boat so as to not alert the thugs of our approach. Upon our arrival, Kalli began to address the first Hatchetman we saw, and he told us we had to move our boat. She bashed a hole on the bottom, sinking the rowboat without a sound, exclaiming, “you mean like that?” and then charged in, eviscerating him with one slash, and nearly tearing his face off with the hand axe we took out of Iggy’s back.

A thug on another pier began blowing a whistle to alert reinforcements, but was paralyzed by a Hold Person before he could give more than a short signal. A short barrage of throwing axes came our way, including a nicely matched pair of magical axes, one that freezes its target, the other setting them ablaze. As the others tore into the Hatchetmen on the docks with their usual gruesome efficiency, I Held another thug, and decided to let the river do my light work… I pushed him off the boardwalk and continued on to take out the whistle-blower on the pier, but the apparent leader of this motley crew of misfits Dim-Doored away from Kalli and Stefan, appearing behind whistle-boy and grabbing him in preparation to ’port out with his companion. I Held him so we could take him out too, but whatever magical device he had allowed him to think the commands to transport them out of our reach.

We then took one of the Hatchetmen’s rowboats, leaving it in place of the one we took to get there, with a small pouch of silver to compensate the owner of the first boat. On our way back to the house we heard a horrible feminine scream, and went toward the sound to investigate.

We discovered a beautiful fox-girl outside a ritzy up-scale house. After a short and polite questioning of the were-fox, we found that there is a small community of Lupines (werewolves) in town, preying on “peasants”, giving us a lead on the grisly murder victim found next to our house earlier. We then returned to tell Raynard and Deacon of our travails, and to rest up for our next adventure.



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