Kingdom of Aeristine


Writings of a Road Warden

From the journal of bishop, father, pope whatever he is Deacon as written by Kalli Silverhand, Road Warden of Ronan

We had entered the Temple of Blazabloopdimpiddle or something and were seeking out the great chaos that was about to be freed upon us all. The party was locked in a vicious battle with the foul undead in an old guardroom; I was sending them back to their much overdue rest when I heard a cry from Hrolf: “The damned elf has gone and stirred up two giant salad monsters.

Sighing in frustration, I set upon the zombies with even greater zeal while listening to my companion Blake complain about how they were immune to everything. Slaying the last zombie, I turned to go help my comrades when I heard a “pop” of magical transportation. I wondered what had happened but then i smelled sweat mixed with Armour polish and knew that his Lordship Stefan, “look at me: I got testicles so of course I can rule,” Mayor of Phlan had arrived.

I had no sooner approached the room when the creatures let out a great wave of force and knocked both my companions to the ground. Blake and I at once engaged the creatures, slaying them. We then searched the area and found a secret entrance to another room. We could not find the latch to open the door, when Blake (who i did not know had been working out) suddenly grabbed the door and ripped it open. I must say he was impressive as he stood there heaving, all covered in sweat with that cute little half grin he has) …sooo the door was guarded by a 10 foot tall obsidian statue with a huge sword. We debated if we should attack but we were worried this might be one of the Guardians meant to keep the evil in.

The party decided to leave it alone for now and check the rest of the outer temple. We searched several more rooms, some of which Blake kicked open with such might that I was sure he was under a spell of gorgeousness – umm i mean strength, strength. It was then that we got to the end of the hallway and saw a golden sword laying on the floor. Suddenly it started to come forward… what magic was this? But it was not magic, but rather a gelatinous cube! It struck out and hit me, and I was paralyzed by its toxin and fully engulfed! I thought this might be the end but my companions were to prove me wrong – Hrolf and Stefan both struck it mighty blows and Blake used his wand of ice blast to destroy the creature and turn it into a puddle. Hrolf used his prayers to free me from my paralysis, but I was covered in ooze. I felt like the floor of the love god’s temple after mass.

We found some strange items of magic within the creature but i will leave that to the padre when he wakes up.



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