Kingdom of Aeristine

5 Holy Waters to the Wind

Hrolf's Log

Upon the death of the old white dragon patriarch, we found ourselves with a lot of stuff, and few options to get home. So we removed the dragon’s head, wing membranes, and some choice scales and hide, wrapped the hoard up in the hide, and flew down the mountain on Stefan (Blake having Polymorphed him into a roc first). A short time later, we loaded everything into the wagon and took off again, not stopping (except for short rests for Stefan the roc) until we got to our winery outside the Walled City of Burke.

After our triumphant return, we mostly went about doing our own things, with half a chest of mithril and a lot of cash to spend, but we also arranged for servants for the manor, additional guards, and to have the dragon’s head taxidermied. Kalli commissioned a suit of plate mail (made of mithril chain and scales from the elder dragon), while Stefan repeated his demands on the armoursmithing community for a set of magical mithril full plate (non-cursed if you please). Kalli and Raynard purchased new Elven boots, Blake supplemented his store of arcana (and taught at the mage’s college), and a number of potions were bought for the party supply. Raynard took some Law classes, while Deacon commissioned a golden statue for the megachurch and hired some monks to produce some Swiftfootian propaganda pamphlets to be used in missionary work in the surrounding towns and villages.

In our travels around town, we noticed a number of new, well dressed clerics of Ronan Swiftfoot, including one with a big, impressive, ostentatious hat. A discrete inquiry revealed that Deacon’s home church had assigned a Cardinal to Burke (not Deacon?!?), who made the decision to move the site of the megachurch to a spot outside of town along the main road, and put a hiking boot factory on the previous site, employing many of the poor in the surrounding slums.

After a week or so back, we gained an audience with the Duke, which Stefan and I stayed back from, both to guard the manor from possible reprisals from the Hatchet Clan (strangely absent from town now) and because, frankly, we both get rudely wild at parties – and this wasn’t that kind of party! Kalli and the Company of the 4- no, 5, is it 6? Dragons (by extension) gifted the Duke the preserved dragon’s massive head, and a suit of golden full-plate armor found in Siegfried’s lair. During the discussions at the gala, we were hired to kill Tyranthraxus, the bronze dragon whose horde had once again taken Phlan, and help with that city’s liberation (again)… and possibly discover the whereabouts of the previous party that had been hired to help with Phlan’s recovery.

Afterwards, during the month or so of preparation time for the expedition, Kalli discovered both a desire to learn roguery, and a secret admirer! He left her a masterfully crafted gold and platinum rose on a folded Elven cloak, in her trapped and enchanted iron chest, along with a note saying, “Cute chest!” She later discovered a partial report on the group’s adventures and misdeeds, and later met one of the observers: a rogue working for a group called the Brotherhood. The name of her admirer was also revealed, and the strange individual who took some of the party gear, leaving other loot in its place. A mage-rogue named Ghostwind instructed another thief named Nilvin to instruct Kalli in the arts of roguery, and to let the group know we’re being watched… though whether just as a warning to “clean up our acts,” or to let us know of a new possible threat, we’re not sure.

Finally, we began our journey – off to Phlan at the head of an army!



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